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Brazilian Wax Sydney

At Classic Beauty we are professional beauty therapists Specialising in Brazilian Wax in Sydney and take pride in delivering fast and less painful experience when it comes to your Waxing Sydney while delivering the highest standards of hygiene practices. We use soft organic strip Brazilian Wax Sydney for the legs and exceptionally gentle and effective hot wax for delicate areas of the face and body and finish off with a gentle massage of lotion to calm and protect the skin, and for the prevention of in-grown hair. We are known for the best quality and speed of our Brazilian waxing Sydney, taking less than 10 mins to complete. Using only the extreme grade hair removal waxing and we only use disposable hygenic equipment.

Brazilian Waxing Sydney Packages

Lip & Eyebrow
Lip & Chin
Full Face
Side Burns
Bikini Line Only
Brazilian Maintenance
Underarm & Bikini
Full Arms
Half Arms
Half Leg
Top Leg
¾ Leg and Underarm Wax
Men’s Services
Back Wax
Chest Wax
Full Leg Wax
¾ Bikini and Underarm Wax
¾ Leg Wax
Stomach from
Half Leg & Bikini Line
Half Leg & G-String
Half Leg & Brazilian maintenance
Half Leg & Underarm
Half Leg & Bikini & Underarm
Half Leg & Brazilian maintenance & Underarm
Full Leg
Full Leg & Bikini
¾ Leg & Bikini
Full Leg & Underarm
Full Leg & Bikini & Underarm
Full Leg & Brazilian
maintenance & Underarm

What is a Brazilian Waxing Sydney?

Brazilian Waxing Sydney is a top level bikini waxing process that helps to removes visible and very tiny hairs from the entire visible pubic area – aside from a small patch just above the private range. This is an extremely close sort of waxing and might be performed after cautious discussion. How clearly your hair shave, trim or wax your pubic hair is an individual inclination. You should make your choice to do whatever makes you more relaxed, whether it’s an exposed look or a more regular. We’ll assist you by and by whether you’re doing this surprisingly or you are a prepared Brazilian.

How long does the waxing sydney result last?

After your first waxing, the outcomes can last 4 to 7 weeks and all matter of your hair re-development rate and season. The summer seasons have a tendency of faster re-growth rates as compared with the colder seasons, therefore hair increases quicker through summer months. In most cases, you will notice small head of hair re-growth over the very first 2 or 3 weeks, with noticeable hair increments there onwards. Regular waxing helps to sparse human hair re-development.

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