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Hands, Feet And Nails

Hand Treatments

Manicure – Your nails will be shaped and your cuticles will be tidied up. This is followed by a relaxing hand massage and finally applying your choice of nail polish. $33.00

Ultimate Manicure – Your hands will be manicured to perfection, then an AHA treatment is applied to rejuvenate, reduce sun spots and pigmentation and infuse moisture. This is followed by a hydrating mask for extra nourishment. $48.00

Shape and Polish $20.00
Nail Repair $6.00 per nail

Pedicure – This treatment begins with a tea tree foot soak, followed by a peppermint foot scrub. Followed by your own disposable pedi paddle to remove and smooth skin under foot. A soothing leg and foot massage completes the experience. $50.00

Ultimate viagra alternatives Pedicure – Standard pedicure PLUS an AHA treatment is applied to the heels and calloused areas under your feet to soften skin build up. $66.00


Artistic Colour Gloss Gel Polish

Beautifully formulated to glide on just like polish… then, light-cured, just like gel. Colour Gloss cures in only 30 seconds using the Artistic LED light.$35 with Manicure $45

Minx Nails

Minx nails are loved by celebrities all over the world. Although you may not have known it, you would have seen Minx nails on Lady Gaga, Beyonce Plus there are many other famous, glamourous women who are wearing Minx – Kesha, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Rhianna and Pink just to name a few.

The next time you see sparkly metallic nails or bold nail art in the media, you are probably seeing Minx nails.

Finally Minx nails manicures are available in Sydney.

And in Sydney’s CBD, only Classic Beauty can offer you this gorgeous new kind of manicure.

Minx nails are a flexible film with an adhesive backing which is heated and molded to your nails. They are quick to apply and do not require any drying time. There is no chipping, smudging or fumes. And Minx nails will last longer than nail polish.

Minx is for a person who loves life and enjoys standing out from the crowd. We say that ‘Minx extends fashion to your fingertipsMinx is such a fun and fashionable product it is hard not to fall in love with the attention you get when wearing it.



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