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Hair Removal Sydney

Are you searching for the absolute best hair removal solution in Sydney? One that is super effective and extremely safe? And you want the most comfortable treatment method available today?

Like most women and men, you have hair on your body or face that you just wish wasn’t there. You’ve probably tried other methods to remove unwanted hair and have found them all unsatisfactory in some way.

I would like to introduce you to Variable Pulsed Light (VPL) Permanent Hair Removal Sydney. The “variable” in VPL is actually very important. Being able to vary the intensity of the light pulses is an major improvement over IPL. It means that I can fine-tune the settings precisely, tailoring the treatment to be perfect for your hair and skin. This makes VPL the safest and most effective hair removal method available.

Isn’t VPL Hair Removal Sydney Expensive?

While it may seem relatively costly up front, you have to consider that VPL is extremely effective and results from VPL Hair Removal Sydney treatments last 12 months or longer. When you compare the cost of VPL treatments to the price of monthly waxing (and time taken for those appointments), most people find that VPL is the most cost effective solution over the long term.

When will You See Results?

You will see reduction of hair immediately after your very first treatment. In fact, I money-back guarantee that you will! However, for complete removal of unwanted hair, several sessions are required. Let me explain why.

During their life your hairs go through three distinct phases: growth, dormant and dead. VPL kills hairs only in the growth phase. These hairs then fall out naturally over the next week or so. Because your treatment area has hundreds of hair follicles, at any time there will definitely be hairs in the other two phases. So, to catch all hairs in the growth phase, you will need a few VPL treatments – usually spaced 3 to 4 weeks apart.

Are You Ready to See Amazing Hair Removal Sydney Results For Yourself?

To get you started, I would like to offer you a free consultation and give you a 50% voucher (up to a maximum of $50) to use for your first treatment. That’s worth up to $75 for free! Just fill in the form above and I will immediately send your voucher to you.

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