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Cellulite Treatment and Body Shaping

Diamond Contours Biomesosculpture

Diamond Contours Biomesosculpture uses a system which creates a reduction of visible cellulite and congestion anywhere on the body. It stimulates the extra cellular matrix or the fluid substance just under the skin, to treat the first stage of cellulite, which is stagnation, and the second stage which is cellulitis.

Diamond Contours reduces stagnation by increasing circulation and infusing pure plant botanical herbal and homeopathic extracts into the epidermis of the skin. This is a comfortable state of the art treatment reducing cellulite and fatty build up on the face and body.

Permanent Results!

Clinical studies based on before and after MRI scans which were taken for each patient show a consistent reduction of fat for the abdominal patients – whether in liposuction, mesotherapy or any other treatment a real fat loss is considered permanent. The Diamond Contours machine is effective in the reduction of stagnation and promotion of lymphatic drainage which are both important causes of cellulite.

This same clinical study has shown effective fat reduction in the region of 1cm a session, sometimes more. Safe enough to use on a daily basis, Diamond BioMesoSculpture can result in a 10 cm loss in waist circumference if treated daily for 10 consecutive days! Gentle fat disruption with simultaneous lymphatic drainage all via the same treatment head results in swift reduction in fat content without the pain of injections or surgery. The treatment is 100% safe usually with no adverse reactions at all!

Biomesosculpture is effective for:

  • Spot Reduction
  • Reduction of Cellulite
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Buttock Lift
  • Thigh Tightening
  • Waist Reduction
  • Hip Reshaping
  • Stretchmark Improvement
  • Stomach Rejuvenation

Diamond Contours Biomesoculpture in the Media

Not long ago the Kerri-Anne Show presented a feature on Diamond Contours Biomesosculpture and how effective it is for treating cellulite on all parts of the body. Click here to watch this short video. (5.9mb)

Dr Christine Cheng of Simply Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Contouring Clinic in Singapore has written about the causes and solutions to cellulite in an article called Effective Cellulite Solutions. In particular, she highlights Biomesosculpture the latest and greatest cellulite treatment as it treats cellulite formation at its root cause.

Extra Cellular Matrix

Diamond Contours Biomesosculpture honours the integrity and fundamental principals of natural skin treatments, in that the skin is a live tissue and as such has to interact within the whole framework of the body.

The extra cellular matrix is the connecting point of all organs and tissues in the body. All cells of the body interact with the extra cellular matrix. It is here that all hormones and neurotransmitters are secreted. It is the filtration system of the body. All substances moving in and out of the cells go through the extra cellular matrix.

As it is an open system in the body, if the extra cellular matrix is stagnant and the lymph cannot freely flow as it should, not only is there fatty build up, there is an impingement on all the connecting tissues and systems.

The Diamond Contours Biomesosculpture treatment uses Chinese Cupping which is a traditional method designed to move stagnating fluids and also move chi energy, as the chi energy is blocked when fluid is blocked. BioMesosculpture is the first technology that moves the stagnation and breaks down fat, at a rate hundreds of times faster than traditional cupping. The results can be seen immediately with no bruising or side effects.

Before and After Images

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